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Thread: Yahhh...another summit.

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    Yahhh...another summit.

    ARU to hold coaching crisis summit as Australian Super Rugby results plummet

    May 8, 2017 6:54pm
    Source: The Daily Telegraph
    A COACHING summit will be held by the ARU within a month to address the shocking results of the Super Rugby franchises this season.

    World Cup-winning coach Bob Dwyer and former national coaching director Dick Marks will be involved in discussions with Super Rugby and Wallabies coaching staff to find answers to Australia’s alarming decline, highlighted by their record of three wins, one draw and 27 losses against overseas Super sides this season.

    The ARU’s general manager of high performance, Ben Whitaker, revealed that the sit-down would occur in weeks, but would not include a range of other coaching specialists including Rod Macqueen and Alan Jones as suggested by pundits.

    “I don’t think getting everybody in one room initially would work, because those guys would demand airtime which they should given their credentials, but we’ve made contact with Bob Dwyer and Dick Marks to start off with,” Whitaker said.

    “We certainly don’t sit there thinking we’ve got all the answers. We’re in a rut, but do players become duds overnight? Certainly not.

    “We have continual dialogue with the states and we have to work really clearly together.

    “I think everyone has got part of the answer, but we need the whole answer.

    “We’re performing poorly at the moment but I do think it is something that can be fixed reasonably quickly.”

    With Australian teams now winless from 17 games against Kiwi rivals this season, the NSW Waratahs will need an extraordinary turn of events to keep their finals hopes alive as they’re due to play the Highlanders and Chiefs in New Zealand in their run home.

    The Tahs have a bye this week before hosting the Melbourne Rebels on May 21, before their ominous Kiwi road trip.

    Waratahs prop Sekope Kepu said it is possible to score wins in those two fixtures.

    “You can look at it both ways, we’ve done it before, there’s no reason why we can’t do it.” Kepu said. “It’s a massive challenge but I’m excited about it.’’

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    The ARU loves wasting money on a coaching summit or a 50 man Wallabies training camp.

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    probably go something like this:

    ARU - what's happening with your terrible results on the field?

    SR franchises - off field matters are hurting us. This is your fault.

    SR franchises - what's happening with your terrible results off the field?

    ARU - on field matters are really hurting us. This is your fault. Are you still here force?

    Good talk everyone. we'll reconvene when we lose another 17 on the trot.

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    The Tahs have a bye this week before hosting the Melbourne Rebels on May 21, before their ominous Kiwi road trip. Waratahs prop Sekope Kepu said it is possible to score wins in those two fixtures.
    Yup a win in the bye and then against the hapless Rebels. Add in a few wins on the training paddock, and the Tahrds are home and hosed

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    How about this:
    ARU: Can you blokes please all coach to play in the same general fashion, so that when the players come to train with the they are already playing a certain style?
    SR: What, like the kiwis have been doing since time immemorial, and like we used to do back in Super 10 days?
    ARU: Yes please.
    SR: Pretty radical shite there, bro. We've moved on from those days. We wanna win playing our own style, thanks.
    ARU: And how's that going for you?
    SR: <crickets>
    ARU: And another thing - can you all concentrate on having the best possible players in the spine of your team?
    SR: The spine?
    ARU (sighing): Yes. You know, the hooker, the 8, the scrum half, the fly half and the full back.
    SR: Um
    ARU: And let's score tries. Train your blokes to score tries. Actually train where the players dots it down over the line.

    Continues ad nauseum

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    Continuing from Ecky
    SR: Score tries? haven't you heard us talking about scoring tries all season, you told us to start wanting to score tries, now you expect us to actually DO IT?????
    ARU: Well kinda, yeah
    SR: You guys are asking too much, for God's sake, we've only got Nick Phipps at halfback, how the hell do you expect us to actually deliver with that
    ARU: What about the rest of you guys
    SR (Except the Waratahs):Oh, were you actually having a conversation with us? Sorry, we've never encountered that before, can you please catch us up
    ARU: Sure, where do you want us to start?
    SR (Except the Waratahs): [Looks around at each other] From Hello would be the smartest option

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