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And being restrained unfairly while the ARU knowingly turning a blind eye to those clubs ignoring the contract freeze.

Add this corporate vandalism to the pile, Governor McCusker.
While everything you say is true Ham, I wouldn't worry.

Dave Wessels appears to be capable of turning Pindan Premier players, Saffer schoolboys and Shute Shield cast-offs into competitive Super Rugby players, it'll just take a year or two to build our team back up if it gets pillaged by the Tahs.

After a lifetime of coaches who take great potential and turn it into shit (Like the disaster that Mike Foley wreaked on Kyle Godwin) it's really heartening to see the things that Dave can make happen with blokes like Ryan Louwrens (who was part time at best before the end of last year) Alex Newsome (Nobody until he took the field for us) Verity-Amm (Basically still in short pants) and Mitch Short (Not contracted by any of the 5 franchises at the start of the season)

If you think it's just the backs, think about Onehunga Havili (Isi Nasairani, but not from New South Wales. Jermaine Ainsley (how soft was he a couple of years ago, now he's our first choice) Brynard Stander (Fringe player last year, now fights his way genuinely into an extremely good back row) Ross Haylett-Petty (remember how much he used to drop the footy)

I'm happy for us to continue to be the place where unfashionable rejects come and get turned into the players that Australia needs playing rugby. It's obvious that NSW and Qld have no idea how to do it! Along the way, we'll build a bloody good team that doesn't get broken by the Wallabies!