FORMER womenís rugby sevens player Amy Turner has lamented the success of the short-form of the game, saying itís drawn funds and attention from the traditional 15-a-side.

Turner is no longer part of the Australian Rugby Unionís sevens program and will be aiming for Wallaroos selection this year to head to Ireland for the World Cup in August.

But she said a lack of funding means the teamís preparation for the tournament will be less than ideal.

ďThey havenít really given that much support to the 15s. Weíre six months out now from the World Cup and Iím not sure when theyíre going to have the next training camp,Ē Turner said.

ďThe nationals are in March. They want to prepare the girls for the World Cup but when they play at nationals theyíre 20-minute halves, so itís a 40-minute game. When weíre at the World Cup itís an 80-minute game.

ďItís not the best preparation, if you ask me, but what can you do when you donít have the funds there.Ē

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