Bonus points will be awarded in a radical shake-up of next year's Six Nations European rugby tournament as competition organisers seek to encourage teams to adopt a more attacking style of play.

The new system, which will be introduced initially on a trial basis, will award four points for a win, rather than two, and five points should the winners score four or more tries.

Losing sides will receive a bonus point if they score four tries and another if they lose by fewer than seven points.

A draw will now be worth two points, rather than one, with an extra point for teams scoring four or more tries. Any team winning all five matches would receive three extra points.

"We have been looking at the feasibility of a bonus point system for a while and examining what kind of bonus point system would work best, given the unique properties and format of our Championships," Six Nations chairman Pat Whelan said.

"We are happy that the system that we have decided to trial is the one best suited to our Championships and we are delighted to be going ahead with this new development," he added in a statement.

So they will be using the old Super Rugby bonus point system then...