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Thread: Fings ain't what they used to be

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    Quote Originally Posted by fulvio sammut View Post
    At Palmyra we are learning to chew gum and walk at the same time.

    We've been growing our own for years now. Top junior club for the last 10 years at least.

    A little more ahead of the field than Nedlands, Cottesloe, Uni, Wests and Kalamunda combined in that regard, I think.

    Now we are looking at expanding our endeavours into what Nedlands, Cottesloe, Uni, Wests, Kalamunda and Soaks have always been very good at.

    We are cashed up and ready to buy.

    Gerry Harvey will have no option but to be on board as a sponsor.

    Plasma or flat screen, whatever it takes.

    We know we are doing it right when Nedlands feel the need to complain to Sinderberry about us implementing their modus operandi more successfully than they can.

    Be afraid, Westie, very afraid.
    I fink all members of the big brother clubs should be honoured that minnow club's such as Paly feel the need to emulate them.

    I for one have that warm fuzzy feeling deep within and fink everyone from the big bro club's should show their appreciation when you next see Fulvio and reward him with a few gentle pats on the head. Encourage him and tell him to stay positive and hey it can be done.

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    Wests Scarborough 1st Grade juggernaut has played finals rugby each and every year since its inception and continues this remarkable feat yet again this season and unbelievably it's still rolling on.

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    Just buy me a beer, that'll be enough.

    That $5000 donation has left me a little bit stretched.

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