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Thread: Bledisloe match 1 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by MI5_Dog View Post
    and if doesn't swing the fortunes of the Force around then why the hell are we hiring him? (or her. I'm not being sexist here. If there's a fantastic female rugby coach out there I'm all for throwing her in the deep end so to speak)
    Hmmm, I wonder what ever happened to Karen Mould?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jono View Post
    I'm preparing myself to be disappointed at the choice made in the new force coach
    You and me both mate!

    I'm also preparing myself for the next season to be as terrible as this season.
    That way I can't be disappointed.
    "Plan to fail and success is a happy mistake." George Washington

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    Gee whiz we can't blame the coach all the time where were the so called smarties on the field that could read the play and make a better choice and change whatever game plan there was. Fark i know one thing if it's their livelihood on the fucken line they would've use the smarts and worked out that the way we're playing here is not gonna earn us any dosh. Or is that just the brain dead generation that we've built by wiping their asses, wiping their noses, don't run without shoes etc.

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    We can discuss swapping certain players around all week but 2 or 3 changes wouldn't have changed a 40 point drubbing.

    A lot of the issues are mental. You see us lose one lineout or a kick doesn't find touch and the players all seem to drop their shoulders whereas the all blacks cease the momentum and put the foot on the throat.

    The skills are also a total class below the all blacks in terms of forwards and backs linking, offloads, passing, catching etc. Hopefully this is what Mick Byrne is there to fix but it will take time. As much as a lot of people don't like them it is the players like Cooper, Beale and O'Connor (and Folau and Kerevi) are the only players we have or have had that are dangerous with ball in hand and look capable of making line breaks. Kuridrani just runs straight and tries to fend, Rob Horne has never made a line break in his life and AAC and Mitchell are past it.

    We need to mould our game on the All blacks, they must be doing something right.

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    The other issue is the lack of leadership on the field. If I didn't know it from the team sheet I would have had no idea who was captaining out there at times on Sat. Also, Moore needs to stop whining to the ref so much unless he can do it with the same skill that McCaw did it!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddha Handy View Post
    We need to mould our game on the All blacks, they must be doing something right.
    We don't have the basic skills to do that.

    We won't be able to mould our game on that sort of stuff for at least five years while we try and get some of the promising juniors skilled up to an appropriate level.

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    Wallabies need to find a level physicality i don't think they are capable of if they want to challenge the All Blacks.
    You want respect from a kiwi? You have to earn it by showing them you will give as good as you get in the physical battle of a rugby match.
    Australian rugby has forgotten this and is all about perfecting 'the method' of playing rugby instead of enjoying the game for what it is and should be treated as firstly, a battle of physical attrition, where the one who wants to win the most contests, will win the game. All the bells and whistles come after you win the physical and mental battle.
    The All Blacks have us worked out. They know we have a breaking point and are exploiting it very, very mercilessly.
    We need to stand up and be counted.

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    You're saying they're exploiting more than just the breakdown & the offside lines yeah?

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    Ruck Involvements - Bled 1 2016

    Apologies for the delay but family stuff and it wasn't easy watching this game 3 times to gather this data.

    1. Early means 1st or 2nd of playerís team AFTER the ball carrier has been tackled and brought to ground.
    2. Impact means active engagement: strong physical contact, changed shape of ruck, clean-out, protecting ball etc. (more than hand on someoneís bum or arriving after the hard work has been done). Yes itís subjective - but as I collect all data at least itís consistent.
    3. Impact DOES NOT equate to Effectiveness. Iíve concluded that coming up with an effectiveness measure is just too hard in the time that I have available Ė but open to suggestions.

    Name:  2016-08-23_18-10-43.jpg
Views: 231
Size:  188.2 KB

    Name:  2016-08-23_18-10-10.jpg
Views: 232
Size:  178.6 KB

    Involvements over time

    Name:  2016-08-23_18-07-13.jpg
Views: 231
Size:  115.2 KB

    Name:  2016-08-23_18-07-39.jpg
Views: 226
Size:  101.6 KB

    Comments (Analysis fairly limited die to time constraints)

    1. The Ruck Involvements by both teams show very similar profiles with some differences due to the All Blacks 55% possession. Both teams won 94% of their own rucks.
    2. The main difference was in Defence Ruck Involvements:

    Name:  2016-08-24_15-17-17.jpg
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Size:  34.8 KB

    Apologies to the Wallabies Tight 5 who did better than the earlier plot showed.
    Sorry TWFers - just grabbed and commented on some incorrect data.

    The Wallabies Front Row actually outworked the ABs Front Row for DRIs.
    The opposite was the case for Locks.

    The ABs Back Row of Cane, Kaino & Read matched the %DRIs of McCalman, Hooper and Pocock.
    This is a big step up from the RWC Final where the ABs Back Row made only 35% of the ABs DRIs compared to the Wallabies Back Row's 61% of Wallabies DRIs.

    3. The All Blacks showed a high commitment to support their ball carriers averaging 2.6 players involved per Attack Ruck. This is higher than the average of any Aussie Team in SR2016. By contrast the Wallabies averaged only 2.2 players involved per Attack Ruck.

    4. The All Blacks stood off many Defence Rucks and averaged only 0.7 players placing pressure on the Wallabies ball carriers. This is about the same level of involvement as averaged by Aussie teams in SR2016. The All Blacks earned 8 TOW - 1TOW per 7.6 DRIs.

    5. The Wallabies showed a higher level of involvement in Defence Rucks averaging 1.0 players placing pressure on the All Blacks ball carriers. The Wallabies earned 12 TOW - 1TOW per 8.3 DRIs.

    6. Pocock earned an impressive 7TOW - 1TOW per 3 DRIs.

    7. Hooper earned only the single TOW - 1TOW per 13DRIs.

    8. Owen Franks and Wyatt Crockett ( a player much maligned by Aussie fans) showed high rates of ruck involvement - mostly supporting their ball carriers. Head and shoulders above the efforts of any Wallabies starting Front Rower.

    9. Good Ruck Involvements from replacements - Ardie Savea and Liam Squire for the All Blacks and Allan Ala'alatoa for the Wallabies.

    10. Best ruck involvements by Backs:
    Kuridrani - 21 Total (13 Attack/8 Defence)
    (In addition to his game-high 17 tackles - none missed, 2OL, 7carries for 25m)

    Don't underestimate the impact of Ruck Involvements by players such as Kuridrani, Toomua and Horne.

    Crotty - 19T (14A/5D) - 7 carries for 59m, 1OL, 5 Tackles/0 missed - 40 mins ONLY
    Fekitoa - 18T (14A/4D)
    (In addition to 2TOW, 10 tackles/0 missed, 13 carries for 74m, 4 OL)

    PS I am still very surprised that Cheika pulled McCalman (who regularly plays 80 mins) when he could have had Fardy 6, Pocock 7 and McCalman 8 and switch Hooper to 12 to cover for the 3 x injuries AND replace the hurting Genia with Phipps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shasta View Post
    Oh dear. Maybe all those people crying out for more stringent background immigration checks are onto something. It seems the mysterious and treacherous Suzy has migrated from Joburg and moved to Double Bay.

    Found on Monday; news breaks on match day.

    A consultant security guard that worked at the hotel at the time has been charged today by police over the bugging incident, he was working for a company engaged by the NZRU

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    public mischief charge....normally occurs when they make false/misleading reports to police. I'll take a punt and say they planted the bug themselves and leaked it at the time they did to gain maximum advantage.

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