Broadcaster of the National Rugby Championship will step up and televise more of Australia’s third-tier competition in 2016, with ARU CEO Bill Pulver telling The Roar the network would show two games a week this coming season.
Pulver told The Roar in his exclusive interview that Fox Sports would come to the party even more in 2016, having shown a game a week in 2014, and one game one television and all games via live stream in 2015.

“We’ll double the number of games on Fox Sports this year, it’s going from one game to two.” Pulver told The Roar TV.

“Every other game will be live streamed.”

When asked about the promotion of the competition, Pulver said it was high on the list for 2016.

“We want better crowds. We want better TV ratings. We’re going to do everything we can to promote the game so we get a good attendance.”

It represents another step up for the competition, which has already secured its financial sustainability through broadcast agreements with Fox Sports through to 2020, and sponsorship through companies like title sponsor Buildcorp.
Pulver noted that the competition had broken even for the last two seasons, and hailed the competition’s role as a key part of the pathway for Australian rugby.

“It’s already sustainable. We’ve run it for two years. It has broken even both years. There’s no financial challenge with it. It’s locked up in our brodcast agreements right through 2020, so sustainability is not an issue.” Pulver said.
“Clearly the NRC plays an important strategic role in our pathways. Going from club rugby to Super Rugby is a big jump.”

Pulver also hailed the success of the law changes, saying that the NRC provided some of the most attractive rugby played.

“The law changes are phenomenal. That game is so fast, and that is seen in the results. It is a platform that young talent to show their wares. We just need to educate people to get out there and watch it