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Thread: Metro Rugby Round 13

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    Metro Rugby Round 13

    I didn't get to post a preview last week due to a heavy workload and the fact I was still sulking over the previous week's one point loss to the Satan Worshippers from Nedlands. But I did manage to pick all five winners.

    Next weekend's games:

    Palmyra v Rockingham
    Palmyra's home ground support and the return of up to five injured first graders from the first round will make it hard for Rocky to get up in this one. Rocky's meagre five point win against Wests was not impressive on the score card alone, and I don't think Wests had a triple bypass since their previous week's outing.
    Rockingham will give it their all as usual, but I think Pally will win by 15.

    Wests Subiaco v University
    Wests have hardened over recent weeks, but still don't have the firepower or experience to match it with the rest of the competition. While it's not much comfort to them at the moment, they will benefit from this year of pain, much as Pally did last year. They have retained their loyal players, who have learned the value of a win, and, as mentioned above, have toughened and grown. Wests will build from there.
    But for this weekend they will have to endure another bruising from Uni. Uni by 25 points.

    Kalamunda v Nedlands
    Nedlands are back, make no mistake about that, and they are now on a par with all the sides above them, if not better than most. Kala have pulled themselves up from their first round slump, but after seeing the tail end of their game against Palmyra and their recent scorelines I don't believe they have the staying power or the all round skills of a completely balanced team to match it with Neddies.
    Nedlands by 10 points.

    Associates v Cottesloe
    This is probably going to be the match of the day. Cottesloe are on a high, and their coach is bragging about it to every reporter who can bear to listen. Associates have had to take some humility pills lately, but they will be fired up for this one. With the return of Zak Holmes, and hopefully for them, young Dreyer, they will be back in business.
    I think Cott will win but there won't be five points in it.

    Perth v Wanneroo
    With all due respect to the feelings of Piet and Goony, I can't see Perth taking out this one, though it would be great for the competition if they did. Too inconsistent and lacking commitment over 80 minutes, for my liking. They have the players, but not the team. Not yet, anyway.
    Wanneroo have the steely determination to win at all costs which has been whipped into them by Coach Elwee, and they have the players to match their expectations. Wanneroo by 15 points.

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    I will agree on this with you Fulvio Baysies might or might not win depending on who turns up - the unbeatable Baysie team or 22 individuals that thinks they know everything but cannot play together

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    Whipped - is that what you called those training camps Frank - I thought we did better than that!lol

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