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Thread: Round Eight Metro Rugby

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    Round Eight Metro Rugby

    Associates v Wanneroo
    What is the truth? Are the Dogs carrying injuries or are they not up to the standard they were believed to be at earlier in the season? Not a sniff of a comment anywhere about KK'S game this week. Did he play? What about the "wunderkind" recruit Paul was telling us about last week?
    This week will prove once and for all whether the Dogs are still in the hunt. If they beat Associates they are still in the mix for a top two spot. If not they will join Perth in the scramble for fourth position. Not a bad position to be in I suppose. On form, it will be Soaks by 25 points. On the size and spirit of the mongrel in the fight, it will be Soaks by 5.

    Perth v Palmyra
    Perth have the forwards to deny Palmyra possession, I'm told. Perth have a formidable home game advantage. Palmyra are said to have peaked too soon. Palmyra have lost their captain and hooker to serious injury. Doom, doom, doom.
    Can Palmyra overcome all this? Have they even the sniff of a chance in the face of all this adversity, against the forces of destiny? In my opinion yes. Pally by 15 points.

    Wests v Kalamunda.
    Welcome back from the land of Rip Van Winkle, Kala. Last weeks effort proved you are still alive and kicking. Kala by 25 points.

    University v Nedlands
    Nedlands continue to struggle, and nothing I read on their website today tells me that anything has changed. According to their mindset, it's just a bad dream, and they'll wake up tomorrow in their rightful place at the top of the ladder. University are a team that is on the improve and have accepted reality. Uni by 12 points.

    Cottesloe v Rockingham.
    Unfortunately for Rockingham they are up against the best team in the competition at close to their full strength. Cottesloe by 20 points

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    I can only respond to what I've seen so far - and I've seen Wanneroo a hell of a lot this season:

    KK played last week but was not his usual dominant self. He had some flashes of brilliance but was mainly very quiet. I suspect it was mainly to do with the defence of Cott. I am pretty sure he was injured during the previous game against Wests but he did finish that game and even scored a try after his injury. Maybe he was still feeling the injury?

    Wanneroo had, as mentioned elsewhere, a significant change of personnel which perhaps demonstrated their depth. With a full-strength team they will be very hard to beat. I think they will not have a full-strength team this weekend. It might be stronger than last week, but maybe not yet back to full.

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