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Thread: Force coach Dave Wessels reveals rival clubs are trying to poach his players

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    I've been trying to look at both sides of this argument tonight over dinner and a few pints. (My parmie was fantastic as well if you're wondering).

    Obviously everyone knows where I stand from a force fan's perspective. It's shit that the other clubs are circling the half dead carcass waiting for it to get up or die.

    But at the same time (in particular) the other Australian teams need to ensure they are doing all they can to ensure that they have the best talent representing them that they can find and sign.

    This is where Australia needs a centralised contracting system. So that the governing body has the power to pause all contract talks during such a time of uncertainty. It obviously won't stop coaches and recruiters "touching base" with players. But at least then it allows for everyone to not seem like a vulture.

    Can't do a lot about the international interest, as they don't give a shit about the ARU or the RUPA. But it is what it is.
    (Maybe eventually with this "global season" idea we'll see a signing/trading window similar to what other major sports do, but we shall see)

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    Quote Originally Posted by General View Post
    That's absolutely correct though the Waratahs did sign Beale who is not a contracted Wallaby AFTER the moratorium was announced.
    I think you'll find that Kurt ley was a contracted wallaby when he signed his tahs contract. All he needed to do was sign his ARU contract first. He plays for the tahs, of course he is a contracted wallaby.

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    C'mon the

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