View Full Version : Giteau, Mitchell & Sharpe against Samoa?

19-01-07, 11:23
Surely we will get to see them for 40min....

Anyone heard any confirmation of this, they are all entitled to 40min of rugby, hope they do get to play... Im bringing a bunch of AFL fans with me to try and turn them for this game, I managed to convince them all by saying Giteau & Sharpe will be playing! :eek:

19-01-07, 11:41
i dont know why mithcell isnt anyway

19-01-07, 12:03
Gits and Mitchell should be playing in the Samoa game...

19-01-07, 13:56
Thats good news, I thought they would...
Its only right for Micthell to have these 2 play their 40minutes at home.

Would be a shame for us fans had they played tonight.