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03-11-06, 14:19
Southwest Crusaders Travel Denmark Trip
By Callan Hatchman

On the weekend of the 28th October 2006 the Southwest Crusaders U17ís travelled to Denmark to play two friendlies against Denmark Ag College. The southwest side coached by Scott Webster and Callan Hatchman travelled with only 13 players due to several pull outs due to injury and TEE exams played two matches of 14 a side rugby against a well oiled and trained Denmark side. With only two full training sessions and one game together the Crusaders came away with two very close defeats and carried themselves with dignity and courage.
The first game played on Saturday afternoon in hot and dry conditions was tight and tough as expected with two well matched and highly competitive teams. The final score was SW Crusaders 10 losing to Denmark Brothers 20 with Billy Watts taking out man of the match for the Crusaders with some massive hits and two superb tries.
With one concussion to Josh Carter and Billy Watts injuring a knee to force them out of the second game the Crusaders were struggling for numbers. With three Denmark players joining the Crusaders for the second game the contest was another tight affair. With the Crusaders down by five points with ten minutes to go Brody Whitburn scored a superb solo try under the posts picking up from the ruck and darting through the Denmark forwards. The try was followed by a Mathew Cardona Conversion and the Crusaders were up by a point only for a lapse in Defensive pressure allowing Denmark in for a try and steal the game by 5 points. The final score was SW Crusaders 19 V Denmark Brothers 22.
Brody Whitburn was named man of the match for the second game as well as Player of the Weekend for his huge effort in attack and also massive tackling effort throughout the weekend.
A big thankyou goes out to all the boys who participated and displayed some great rugby skills for most who have never played the game before. A special mention also must go out to Scott Webster who put in a massive nine hours of Bus Driving for the trip. Much appreciation and Thanks go to Glen Benari and the Denmark Ag College for being such great hosts and giving our boys such great exposure to rugby.
Hopefully this marks the start of some great junior rugby in the southwest with planning commencing already for a junior South West rugby Competition and SW Crusaders Colts side for next year.

03-11-06, 14:37
Good update mate, good to hear you are still plugging away down there

30-11-06, 14:13
its good to hear that the brothers got a good game against a full team of people they havnt trained with and plated with and against. Glen and Bully have certinly put there all into juniors in the great southern region too bad the upper great southern schools are so into AFL and our clubs (Katanning and Narrogin) havnt had the time or resources to fully comit to a schoolboys side. but there is always next year and i hope some of those u17 will be around next year to bring numbers to the great southern comp.

30-11-06, 19:05
Welcome aboard Krusher and thanks for the update and positive outlook.
It's fantastic to hear that this great passion of ours is ever growing in the "bush"!
Hopefully similar growth (albiet with greater population and distance issues) will be seen in the North of the state before too long as well.
In Newman supermarket today and saw a chap with the Aussie "Bloody Slow Cup" shirt on, though he as looking a tad harangued by a posse of (I assume) his kids to bother him with a business card for TWF :D
I might make contact with the coppers up there in the New Year to inform them of this site.