View Full Version : What times would you prefer to see the Force play?

14-09-10, 10:00
As per the title?

14-09-10, 13:53
I thought the bottom one would have been obvious!

14-09-10, 13:54
i would like to see a monday night game too .. just one as a trial!!

14-09-10, 15:37
Monday...School night....Win, too hard the next day...lose...even harder the next day

robyn <3
14-09-10, 15:58
I love a good Saturday afternoon game, purely because of the distance between me and Perth. Travelling so far after a day of working etc is way too much and the beloved taxi drivers sometimes think that is a good enough excuse to stay home and watch it on the TV. Not even.

14-09-10, 16:04
Speaking to a few Force fans in Bunbury today say they can now arranges buses for every game next year.

Stone Cold
14-09-10, 16:33
I love Friday night games...few beers after work and then wander to the ground... a couple would have been nice.

I would actually like a range of times. The gods love wonderous variety and so do I.