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09-11-07, 14:09
It’s noon on Wednesday 12 November as Coach and TIF make their way to The Rockface indoor climbing gym in Northbridge to see the Western Force forward pack do battle with gravity. On arrival we are greeted by EWF Media Manager Tom Baddley and join the fray of other local sports reporters including Dave Hughes from the West, Nick Taylor from The Sunday Times and Lachy Reid from Ten News as we await the late arrival of the players from a skills session at Rugby Park.
To our surprise two players emerge from a tiny Peugeot and one arrives on a Moped!!
With everyone now there Boof Hardy, Troy Takiari, Angus Scott, Pek Cowan, Luke Holmes, new recruit Kiren Longbottom and the Force’s own cult figure and class clown, AJ Whalley, along with Hayden Masters and Coach John Mitchell. As the session begins the players are shown the basics of climbing and off they go. After a few short climbs each there is a fair bit of huffing and puffing going on, bulging forearms are being compared, high fives being slapped about the place and bigger climbing challenges sought. While the boys are climbing the instructor tells me that the biggest problem they have here at the gym is that most people are a bit light on and have trouble getting back down the wall, she didn’t think it was going to be a problem today! Most impressive for mine was new boy Kieran Longbottom who appeared to have done this before and of course AJ wouldn’t give in so he went in search of chalk for his hands to give an added advantage, well we didn’t see Ben Cousins anywhere about so we assume it was chalk!
In between climbs I had an opportunity to have a chat with some of the players and ask some of your questions. First up was AJ

TIF – How did enjoy your time in London as guest of Emirates?
AJ – The stadium is amazing; the best in the world, it is unbelievable hearing thousands of fans all sing to the same tune.

TIF - And can you tell us what happened at the buffet?
AJ – There is not much to tell, we just had a feed, you know prawns and stuff.

TIF – We seem heavy on props but light on hookers in the Force squad, would you ever considered playing at hooker?
AJ – I would, but I can’t throw!

TIF – True or False. Is there a players victory song along the lines of the Australian Cricket Teams “Beneath the Southern Cross”? And when are the fans going to hear it.
AJ – Yes there is a song and I will hear it next time we win a game.
TIF – But what about us the fans?
AJ – Maybe try the Bundy Tent after the next win!

TIF – There are reports coming in from the US that Chuck Norris has heard of you and is looking to challenge you as to who is the toughest – any words for Chuck
AJ – (with crossed arms in a karate style stance and with a mean look on his face) BRING IT ON!


TIF – A lot of TWF members have noticed that The Force lack cheerleaders, would like to see cheerleaders at Force matches?
AJ – You’re preaching to the converted here, I WANT CHEERLEADERS!

TIF – And finally, a prediction for this year, where will the Force finish?
AJ – Top four.

Next up is Garreth “Boof” Hardy

TIF – On a Spring Carnival theme, we want to know how Lil Boof is traveling and what are your plans for him this year?
GBH – Lil Boof is in a little bit of paddock at the moment, so while we’re training, he’s off in a paddock, a bit of a rest.

TIF – We noticed a considerable improvement in the backs after “extensive training” sessions with them after the South African try. Can we expect more of the same this year or do you feel the backs have learnt enough?
GBH – I think it’s more me learning from the backs, right place, right time. I’ve been watching the backs and they should be pretty impressive next year.

TIF – What is your take on the ELV’s being introduced to Super 14 next year?
GBH – Not sure if that’s legit right now, but I think anything that makes the game more of a spectacle for the spectators it’s going to be good because at the end of the day rugby is for entertainment and we’ve got to make the game so that people enjoy watching it.

TIF – Where is the best place to buy pies in Perth? Is it Jesters? And where can we get a good 2 or 3 for 1 offer?
GBH – (with a slight chuckle) You’re asking the wrong person, I never reveal my secrets.

TIF – And how have you enjoyed climbing this morning?
GBH – It’s been outstanding, very good fun, a little bit of time away from Rugby WA which is good.
TIF – Any of the boys surprise you with there skills on the wall?
GBH – I think trying to get 110 – 120 kgs up any wall it pretty tough mate, so I think everyone is pretty happy.

TIF – A lot of TWF members have noticed that The Force lack cheerleaders, would like to see cheerleaders at Force matches?
GBH – I would encourage it thoroughly, in fact we should take a leaf out of the Sharks book, they have an outstanding set of cheerleaders.

Then one last question for Troy Takiari

TIF – What was it like to be the pin up boy for the Spirit?
TT – There was actually one on the way to game at a KFC and all I was interested in was what was in KFC!

All in all it was great little session and I look forward to the next opportunity to interview our Western Force players.

09-11-07, 16:13
Haha nice work guys :) So looks like we're going to have to start advertising for a cheerleading squad...

09-11-07, 16:35
great work and nice questions, best interviews so far.

could you convert any of the players to twf?

09-11-07, 17:12
top effort!!

coach TIF, did you make it up the wall?

09-11-07, 18:46

09-11-07, 19:10
top effort!!

coach TIF, did you make it up the wall?

I didn't want to shame the boys ;)

09-11-07, 19:33
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09-11-07, 20:11
Top effort fellas :thumbsup:

09-11-07, 20:23
you've read the articles, now play the game! http://twf.com.au/casino.php?do=slots

Jeez Coach, you've let out the secret behind Mitch's Prop rotation selection procedure :verysad:

09-11-07, 20:28
nice work

09-11-07, 21:31
Great interview technique....and fantastic that there seems to be total player backing to our quest for EWF cheerleaders!

10-11-07, 07:22
Good Fun stuff - plans for more ?

10-11-07, 07:31
Yup :approve:

10-11-07, 11:12
Great work guys!! :thumbsup:
Just out of curiosity, who arrived on the moped? :D

10-11-07, 14:39
Fantastic work guys! Brilliant read. :approve:

10-11-07, 21:13
A few pics have been added to teh first post - btw, did we mention how tight the harness can get?

10-11-07, 21:22
:eek: Are they now known as 'The Sopranos?

12-11-07, 11:24
Good Fun stuff - plans for more ?

Certainly is.....see the new post http://twf.com.au/showthread.php?p=88963#post88963

12-11-07, 15:08
Think we could have had a bit more from Gus! After all he is the hottest of all the forwards

12-11-07, 15:51
Think we could have had a bit more from Gus! After all he is the hottest of all the forwards

Don't let AJ hear you say that!!!

12-11-07, 16:59
AJ can't get all the love, all of the time - the other forwards will get a complex

12-11-07, 17:22
The rest of the tight five get to bask in AJ's glory, isn't that enough!

AJ is truly the Matt Giteau of Forwards!

12-11-07, 18:48
Props Rule

12-11-07, 23:24
Props Rule
Just checking mate, how many of your 692 posts have been those two words?

13-11-07, 07:02
Doesn't matter how many times he has said it, it still sounds great every time...You speaketh the truth prop53...

13-11-07, 09:17
Birds of a feather are simple together :iconrofl:

13-11-07, 15:56
props rule

13-11-07, 15:57
and that beats the hell out of having to listen all about those simple minded backs

13-11-07, 15:58
It shows how much time you must have to look through over 690 posts to,mind of a back.

13-11-07, 16:02
Just checking mate, how many of your 692 posts have been those two words?

Props are known for their physicality, not their mental prowess ;)

13-11-07, 16:03
just shows we have both eh. Scarey