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22-01-06, 09:42
I thought it was important to open up a thread for the junior players of our game.

There is a meeting on Monday night to sort out the competition and playing venues for Junior Rugby this season.

Following consultation with Clubs the following options are on the table

1. Walla and Mini Competition in two zone format.

Northern Zone based at Lake Joondalup and Britannia oval includes clubs Joondalup, Wanneroo, Perth, Midland, Kalamunda, Wests and Uni. Basically some clubs will play at LJ and others at BO.

Southern Zone based at Thomas Oval and Britannia oval includes clubs Mandurah, Rockingham, Arks, Souths, Palmyra, Associates, Nedlands and Cottesloe. Same format as above.

2. Walla and Mini Comp in three zone format

Northern Zone - Joondalup, Wanneroo, Perth, Midland
Central Zone - University, Wests, Nedlands. Kalamunda, Cottesloe, Associates
Southern Zone - Mandurah, Rockingham, Arks, Souths, Palmyra

Really it doesn't change that much just moves some (not all) of the very little kids away from Britannia.

Junior Registration Day - 25th Feb

Most clubs will be holding their junior rego day on this date. Check with your local club to confirm.

Season starts 6th May :)

01-02-06, 17:04
Has there been any indication of increased interest from juniors to play as yet Redbull?
Hopefully your clubs will get overrun with the little fellas, a good problem to have!

01-02-06, 21:15
RB - Just to let you know about the little effect it has had on clubs.
I have been told that 3 clubs which had mutiple junior teams last year, will be lucky to get half a dozen teams out between them.
Parents are threatening to sign their kids up with clubs that are playing at Britannia only.
Guess it really has changed anything except the weaker clubs get weaker and stronger clubs get stronger.

02-02-06, 17:49
I believe the two zone format is going to apply. I could be wrong so would need somebody involved in the junior side to put me straight.

Unfortunately this is one of those moves that isn't going to please everyone.

Most clubs couldn't wait to get away from Britannia.

I think the main positives are

1. There is an opportunity for the walla and mini grades to play close to home in most regions. For most parents travelling from Rocky/Mandurah/Joondalup/Wanneroo just for a 20 minute game was a bit much. Hopefully this will increase participation in North, Central and Southern regions.

2. No clubs have to provide parents to man the canteen at Britannia. As with most things it was the same faces time and again.

3. When the kids get to the tackle stage they all come back to Brittania. They all play each club regardless of strength and geographic location.

4. Game times used to kick off at 8.00am with the final game kicking off at 12.30pm. Parents, volunteers etc all have to hang around till this game is finished (and it usually runs late) and can't move off to senior club games. Hopefully this new format can change this.

5. If the expected growth in rugby occurs this year, the same problem will occur in the next 1-3 years and more ages will have to go to the North and South

28-02-06, 09:18
BIG Saturday at Kalamunda's Bull Pen this past weekend.

The junior registration day went sensationally and early numbers indicate an increase somewhere around 25-30% over last seasons numbers.

Still chasing more numbers for U17's to be comfortable. So if you are interested, or a mate/friend/rellie is, get onto the Bulls website for contact details


28-02-06, 10:52
That's excellent news Redbull, hopefully it is reflected across the comp too?
Would be great if those involved could keep us updated on how things are going at the Juniors level.
This is our states rugby future and largely why the fourth franchise was awarded, to see this increased uptake of the code.
Keep the good news coming!

25-03-06, 22:15
A reminder to all our junior supporters of rugby out there.

WAJRU 10 aside preseason tournament kicks of next weekend for youngsters.

Get down to your local club ASAP if you want to play rugby this season as time is running out.

Word from WAJRU is that numbers are running about 20% up again on last year. Thats 4 years of massive growth.